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  1. After some playing around it seems the "RUN WIN" instruction does not work.. Replaced it with: QUACK GUI r QUACK DELAY 1000 QUACK STRING powershell <the rest> and this does seem to work. Does anyone know why the "RUN WIN" instruction does not work?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/credentials/PasswordGrabber working. The readme stated "laZagne.exe" should be placed in the "tools" dir, when I do this and go back in arming mode "laZagne.exe" is gone. Guess the docs aren't correct? I followed these steps I've placed the exe file in the loot folder, and changed the path in the ps file. But it is not working. No payloads seems to get executed at all. What am I missing here? using firmware 1.5
  3. So I've manually updated to firmware v4, according to: https://www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle/docs (manually upgrade). The automatic upgrade functionality was broken due to wget not supporting https. After this firmware upgrade there aren't any modules on the Turtle. So I've downloaded them from https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-modules/tree/gh-pages/modules and placed them in the dir /etc/turtle/modules (Some install instructions would be handy, sigh). Placing the modules in /etc/turtle/modules (with chmod +x) doesn't seem to do the job as modules are not working an "no such file directoryturtle_module" messages flash by. Who can help me?
  4. Shouldn't it automatically switch back? How do I switch it manually? Not using client mode, as described I'm using a shared internet connection from Windows 10. No, I'm using both USB and power grid. So there is sufficient power. Questions Can someone please verify that after a recon scan wlan1mon is automatically switched back to wlanmon? Is the internet available for clients during the recon scan? Many thanks in advance
  5. Can someone please at least verify if this is happening on their Tetra? should be 1 min work. The device seems useless to me if this isn’t working properly.
  6. I’ve got the Tetra (firmware 1.1.2) connected with USB to a Windows 10 computer. Internet is correctly shared on Windows, the Tetra has a working internet connection when it is booted. I’ve verified that internet connection is working by fetching the bulletins on the dashboard. When I go to Recon in the web interface and do a single 15 seconds scan the LED on the Tetra keeps continuously blinking red after the scan is finished, and the internet connection is not working anymore. Why is the internet connection not working anymore? Why does the LED keeps blinking after the recon scan has finished? Is this a bug?
  7. Hey nik321, thanks for starting this topic. I've got the exact same questions :) Does anyone know if there is a tutorial out there that demonstrates how to perform a MitM attack with the pineapple on a WPA network if you have the key?
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