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  1. On 7/17/2017 at 9:56 PM, Sebkinne said:

    If you have access to your Bash Bunny, the correct way to perform a factory reset is the following:

    1. Boot the device in ARMING mode
    2. Serial into the device and execute "udisk reformat". The storage partition will now be formatted and the device will reboot
    3. Serial into the device and execute "factory_reset_bunny". The Bash Bunny will reboot and be restored to firmware v1.0
    4. Download and upgrade your Bash Bunny to the latest firmware version

    You should be ready to go after this.


    I appreciate the vast wealth of knowledge that you guys posses and I appreciate the help that all of you guys give to guys like me.

    I tried to factory reset my Bunny following your instructions above, I immediately got the "Police" LED patter and then it stopped blinking. I removed the Bunny and tried to reboot it. I get a green light for about 2 seconds then nothing. I think my bunny just died.


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