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  1. Everytime I try to start a pineap recon the following error is returned: root@Pineapple:/tmp# pineap run_scan 0 2 Failed to connect to socket at path: /var/run/pineapd.sock: No such file or directory I believe is because the service can't create the PineAP database and that is why the PineAP can't be enabled, this started to happen after the latest firmware upgrade 2.5.4 I've seen may people complaining about the same thing and no solutions. I have moved the scan logs to the sd card changing the /tmp/pineap.conf file path DMSG logs> 13.250000] Loading modules b
  2. Hi all, I just upgraded to latest firmware 1.1.3 and all went fine until the restart. I'm now unable to run the Recon feature I get "There was an error starting Recon. Please try again." and also I have lost the wlan1 interface. I'm not able to find any helpful logs to address the debug. Any updates to this post?
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