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  1. To be honest I use one because it's the easiest way to have Mac OS, Windows, and any Linux distro. Every hackintosh that I've made was way more buggy than I would like. So it allows me to test on all environments a little better. That being said I would agree with most of these posts. It is way over priced and to pay so much for a machine that solders down it's components is rough.
  2. Thanks for the advice @ccollins I will look in to trying it that way. The CTRL-SHIFT ENTER opens it as admin then the left arrow then enter gets you through the prompt that windows throws at you. But your way would avoid that completely and is probably way quicker. Thanks again. On another note, I am new to all of this and was wondering what the correct way to try to add your payload to the hak5 git repo would be, It looks like it would simply be doing a Merge Request for your fork, is that all though or is there anything else that I would need to do? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just took a look at BBTPS that is some awesome stuff in there! I will have to play around with that. Thanks for the feedback, I'll have to try implementing that check for the backup file that could save time. Thanks again.
  4. Hey I am super new to this, so forgive me if there is another payload like this, I looked around but could not find anything like it just yet. The payload copies CMD.exe to sethc.exe allowing you to press the shift key 5 times to open up a cmd line. Though the attack must be carried out when the user is logged in, you can still open the cmd line the same way even on the login screen. Let me know what you guys think, It's my first payload so I would appreciate any constructive criticism and any idea on how to make it better. https://github.com/InvaderSquibs/BashBunny/tree/master/payloads/library/StickyBunny
  5. Thank you both for the quick replies. I'll have to try slydoor out! I'm super new to all of this and to forums in general so I really appreciate the feedback
  6. Hey Everyone, I am super new to all of this, I just got my bash bunny and I am going through the payloads and loving them. I had an idea for a payload but I have no idea if it would be useful at all or not. I was hoping anyone who has been doing this longer could give me insight. The idea for the payload is simple, it would target windows and create a new admin user. Thanks in advance.
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