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  1. Does the croc work with 2.4 & 5GHz?
  2. My original user and pass only had upper/lower/numbers and periods. Are periods considered special characters? As a test I changed the SSID and testtest and the pass to password123. Same results, no connection.
  3. I can't get the Key Croc to connect to WiFi. I have added the SSID and password in the config file and unplugged/re seated the croc. However it does not connect to the network. Please see below DUCKY_LANG uk WIFI_SSID mywifi WIFI_PASS mypassword SSH ENABLE DNS If I load the payload to return the IP address and then type __crocctl-ipinfo it just returns an empty line.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated
  5. Is there a way using the WiFi Pineapple Nano to find out what APs a targets device has in it's previously connected wifi list? Phones, I would guess, have many APs in it's memory that they have previously connected too and are constantly on the look out for. It would be handy to know what they were so that I may create a clone of that AP to get the target device to connect too. Thanks for any help Tim
  6. Are you saying that when the turtle refers to the host that's actually the server? So you think that if I set the PORT option to 21 for example then the turtle would connect back to the VPS using that port, in this case looking like an FTP connection. Does that sound about right? Cheers Tim
  7. Thanks again for the support. When you say the server is that the Turtle? The way I use the Turtle is to spin up a droplet on DigitalOcean and get the turtle to autoSSH into that 'host' machine, does that make the turtle the server? Cheers Tim
  8. Hello all. I have been watching the LAN Turtle 104 - Persistent Shell Access with AutoSSH video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIdvvrDrRj0 and at 5:15 it shows three fields for the setup, they are User@host, Remote Port & Local port. On my Turtle, which is probably a newer version of firmware than the one in the video, there is a fourth field simply named Port. As I understand it the Turtles local port is 22. It connects to the host via port 2222. Therefore on the host if you SSH to port 2222 it connects to the Turtle on it's port 22 through the 2222 tunnel. So you need a local port (22) and remote port (2222) to make this work, as shown in the demo video above. What is this extra field named 'Port' that I have, and what should it be set too? I entered 22 for this port and it all works. Just not clear what it's purpose is. Many thanks for any help. Tim
  9. Yes after a reboot it worked fine. Thanks for the help.
  10. I believe I have set up my new Pineapple Nano OK. However when I try and 'Deauth' I get the error 'Please start the PineAP and try again' In the PineAP menu I have everything checked ie Allow Associations, Log Probes, Log Associations, Pineapple Daemon Enabled, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response & Broadcast SSID Pool. What might I be doing wrong to get this error? Many thanks for any help
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