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  1. Really interested in this as a live video streaming source. How can you view the live video remotely? thanks,
  2. @trapman16 thanks. The dollar cost is not a big deal, it's more about wasted time on dead ends. It sound like it's worth a shot. What's the easiest way to test Xbee WiFi Ad-hoc?
  3. @PaPawGeek I agree. FYI, I am not defending the exclusion of WiFi by my client (I think it's irrational), but that's the environment in which I need to work. I'll have to add robust encryption and security at the app level. My main worry is that the Xbee unit will broadcast its SSID and look like a WiFi connection (thus running afoul of my requirements). I like the Xbee suggestion from @trapman16 as it's a clear path to implementation, just trying to lean on his experience.
  4. Thanks again, I think this could be useful. If you've used these in ad-hoc mode, I have a couple of questions: Is the SSID broadcast? Can you filter who gets connected? I am working with a client that has disallowed WiFi for security reasons. If it smells like WiFi and be attacked using the same vectors it will be a non-starter.
  5. Thanks, the way I read that is you can communicate between two xbees, but they need to be connected to Wifi. Have you set these up without wifi? Note: 2.4 ghz is okay, but no Wifi allowed.
  6. Thanks for the Xbee reference, but my understanding is that Xbee bandwidth is limited to < 250kbit/sec. That's not quite fast enough for my use case. Also, price is not a driving factor.
  7. thanks, those look interesting. They certainly are small and low power. It looks like 1mbs is the max bandwidth? What's the easiest way to experiment with sending data between two of these? I see they have a USB version. Again, totally new to SDR.
  8. I am wondering if it's practical to have an SDR transmitter small enough to fit in a person't pocket? The range doesn't need to be great (4 meters). I just need to transmit data at a rate of 1mbs from an untethered person (WiFi is not allowed) back to a base station. Any advice?
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