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  1. Hmm, lots of views, not may replies... Just to clarify, this is not a post asking "how do I connect to my Tetra?", this was more.. do you use the wall adapter, and connect via Wifi... or do you prefer to use a Powerbank, and connect via RJ45? Perhaps you have discovered that changing the subnet, and default gateway resulted in loss of functionality in some modules... and so on. Personally, I have found that a powerbank, and a single USB cable (only using one usb port to eth1) works great with a laptop. I was just interested in what everyone else was doing. If you are concerned about OPsec, of course its ok to reply as such ; ) /adhoc
  2. Hi all, Out of sheer curiosity, how do you like to connect to your Tetra? and, what sort of tethered solution do you like to use? Have you encountered any limitations in functionality along the way? /Adhoc.
  3. hey man, pretty new here, but hell I thought I would give replying to this a shot... if anyone wants to correct what I am saying please go ahead, I am here to learn like everybody else. The problem you are having starts with the way that encypted wireless traffic works... first off you have two parties, they start an encrypted session by sharing with one another their "key", but hell, lets just make this simple... lets say name... son.. and dad.. Now, son and dad trust one another.. and they are able to share a secret code that mom doesnt understand. so everytime son wants to talk to dad... he says "hey dad, this is son... is that you?" and dad says " his son, this is dad".... thereafter they can talk without mum knowing what they are saying. If the response was to be mom... or sister... or stranger on the street... obviously son wouldnt say anything. This is the VERY simplified reason that you cant kick someone off an encrypted wireless connection and get them to talk to yours instead... THE RABBIT HOLE GOES DEEPER... So... why cant we just call ourself dad? seems simple right?? well... in addition to dad saying he is dad... and son saying he is son... there is a secret that they both share... a secret word.. this secret word is, of course encrypted... but... it is possible to "sniff" the encrypted password and work out what it is by comparing a "dictionary" with its encrypted version of the word... its going to take time, and brainpower, but it is possible. Thats pretty much the long and short of it... you have a starting point now, and hopefully an understanding of how it works... is it impossible using your tetra to penitrate WPA2 networks... absolutely not. But its a hell of a lot easier to intercept traffic on unencrypted (open) networks at $randomwifihotspot. The reason nobody replied is because in the short time I have been here, I have seen this question pop up a LOT. and it basically comes down to handing someone with no experience a potentially devistating tool, end epowering them to learn why its not working. Good luck, /adhoc
  4. Update: After sending a mail and some photos over to the team, I got a response today, - no questions asked, along with a tracking number for my suppliment shipment. Super happy with the response time and of course customer service. Cred to Jayson, cant wait for it to arrive! /adhoc
  5. yeah, I know they will for sure.. I dont mind waiting : ) I couldn't find the epic output of the battery Darren is using to replace my US charger, but, rather unbelievablyI managed to find a US to EU power converter! so, I will be Labbing all night after all : ) Thanks for the responses btw JaU. If you post anything that I can help with, I will jump on it straight away. /adhoc
  6. I had that thought as well, and was kind of why I asked from the beginning, I noticed that only one Coli was sent to me and the box did not seem large enough to get a bag or, the battery into. Just double checked DHL as well :(
  7. Yeah, looks like the best idea. Thanks for the help, little bummed about not getting the bag TBH, but I suppose if I get the 100 extra dollars back, no harm done. /adhoc
  8. Hi all, first post after long time lurking. I was hoping that someone that has ordered the tactical could help me out, did everything come in the same package? I live in europe and after ordering monday, I had already recieved mine early this morning!. However, it looks like I only got the regular Tetra. Will the rest arrive seperately (no additional tracking numbers) or do you guys think that it has been sent in error? Anyone got any advice? /adhoc
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