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  1. Exactly! I dont have an Android device so i downloaded bluestacks emulator, installed this patched apk, connected the pc to rc/drone and...the app crashed! The emulator wasnt able to stream video from the drone but...maybe it emulates/reset in some ways the gps coordinates and sent these info to the drone. Connected back to a fresh DJI GO on IOS and it asking to change my wifi settings for my country, just tap "cancel" and the drone is in FCC mode! Both drone and rc are at the latest firmware version, ios app version is 4.1.5. If you have an android device with the modified apk you should be able to change on the fly the country settings to "US" by tapping twice on "controller version" in "about" menu. Hope this help!
  2. Just wanna update my experience so far with those configs, after some more tests i can say that none of them are currently working on IOS + spark. I was fooled by the fact that i was able to flight for 1200 meters with some major video interruptions instead of the 500m of CE mode with the force fcc config. Recently i used a different method to enable FCC mode in IOS (it involves a modified dji go apk on android) and i also modded the controller's antenna (got one from 4hawks.com, btw great antenna!), well i was able to reach 3400 metres without video disconnections.
  3. I did it on IOS, no visible change with your config, got around 500m with the config_force_fcc in my post above. (iPhone 6, 10.3.2, RC with OTG cable, DJI GO 4.1.3 with a Spark)
  4. Here for IOS. Anybody tried to boost radio transmission to 1.5W or use 2.3 and/or 2.5ghz frequencies?
  5. Just tested the config file in a very open area, got 470 meters, with zero signal loss, could go further but i was scared. Usually in a medium crowded area i got around 100-120 meters before getting signal lost, so for me something is definitely working!
  6. Anyone tried with a spark? Im using IOS with a controller but i cant see any noticeable difference
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