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    Generic USB Webcams

    It looks like I have an issue with the Hub. I removed one of the cameras and plugged it directly in my PC and now I can access both of them at the same time.
  2. Rayj00

    Generic USB Webcams

    I have two USB generic webcams that will not work at the same time (as Webrtc cams). I bought these from China! Simple PnP devices. No drivers needed. They are not bad for $3 and $4 each! Anyway I am dabbling in Webrtc and I should be able to use both cameras at the same time in the app I am working on but I cannot. Each cam works fine separately. I have attached a screen capture of the USB Hub and camera information. I have attached it. I have highlighted in yellow what I suspect as problems but what do I know? :) Can you tell if there is something obviously causing the problem? Thanks, Ray