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  1. Yes it has been confirmed working by many people now... Congrats on freeing your Spark!
  2. There you go. Just drop into Go app folder in iTunes. .DJI.configs
  3. Well the config files for the iOS system works! Got well over 1km away when in a CE country we are only supposed to get 500m. Guess the proof is in the pudding!
  4. What program can you use to look at the code of the config files? Not Notepad++ this time....
  5. When in the Go App in iTunes, add file and point it towards the new config file.
  6. I have downloaded the file. Where do I put it in the DJI Go folders?
  7. Thanks for that! I wouldn't mind testing either if I can get a link to it... Baidu is impossible for non-English speaking noobs.
  8. I am using iOS but still cant seem to find the files to remove the CE limitations. Is it achieved yet on the iOS platform? If so, is there a link someone could share so I could download and patch? Thanks!
  9. I cant seem to download it from Baidu, I don't know chinese. Is there any other link to the files? I have iOS as well, has it been tested to work on iOS? I have version 4.1.3
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