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  1. I Need Web Hosting (Drop a hosting offer)

    Check out https://ecowebhosting.co.uk I use them and they're pretty great, Got a full year of their advanced package just by signing up for their udemy course.
  2. USB Rubber ducky issue

    I just got my rubber ducky today, and upon plugging the sd card + reader in, there were no files on it (I heard there were supposed to be 2, a readme and inject.bin) and the drive was formatted as FAT, which I then reformated to FAT32. Afterwards, I loaded a script onto it, and upon plugging the rubber ducky in it shows a red LED, and doesn't do anything. In order to get it working, I have to first plug it in, get the red LED, and the unplug/replug it and then it finally loads the script. I'd assume this isn't normal, but has anyone else had this issue?