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  1. Actually this is for the cacti-mini :D
  2. I personally like something like this: http://a.co/7BGliE1 Its a battery that has a voltage selector and so that I can use the 12v barrel connector instead of the usb port. I've damaged usb micro cables and also the tetra micro jacks, luckily you can power it from either usb micro port. I also get about 12 hours out of this powering 6 tetras at once.
  3. It could likely be overdriving the adapter and the driver doesn't know how to handle it gracefully. Adjusting the power down should help. Does the adapter get hot? In order to totally rule out power, you should use a powered USB hub.
  4. These seem like an interesting idea, however I've used lots of Part 15 900Mhz gear in the past and bandwidth is a huge issue. I do not think you will be able to get the distances they say with NLOS. Additionally tons of government SCADA systems run on 900Mhz and these trash that spectrum. Also I think it is misleading that they are saying you can do 'phone' type services (text, call, etc) when in reality they are simply making an ethernet wireless bridge so your services would be the same available when on wifi. Will I still buy one, probably because I love tech... So here's to hoping I'm wrong :D Source: http://www.arrl.org/part-15-radio-frequency-devices
  5. I had a Tetra that had the same issue. Do an initial configuration so that you can SSH into the device. Once you are able to SSH run the firstboot command and choose 'y' to reset it to factory again. After the command has finished type reboot. This fixed my issue and now I have a fully functional tetra again!
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