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  1. h4xl0r

    [Module] ddnsc - Dynamic Domain Name Service Client

    i am also trying to get this working with dyndns ... could someone help pls.... its not working .... did the config manual also but no luck ...:-(
  2. h4xl0r

    General Lan Turtle Discussion

    Hey Guys Iḿ using the Turtle a while now. Its a real good Device, makes fun. Is here anything going on ? ... here... I got several Questions / Problems with the Turtle . The first is that there is no option to get a persistent https meterpreter back from it .... And all others DIE ... or not Starting up (Https meterpreter) Are these common problems? i am using a domain as LISTERNER , but it works for all my payloads , also the stagerless payload from the modules... it connects, but on Interacting it crashes down and never comes back. I have tried all the Meterpreter Modules , they are shitty :-) sorry for that , but fact. am i able to ad my own script to bootup on turtle ? so i can put on my own payload to execute on boot ? on the turtle? can u help or advice me :-) i just want the turtle to be my meterpreter in the middle :-) all other meterpreters set to this domain are running fine ... so itś not the domain, connection thing .