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  1. @droner69, Not seeing how your pcap was generated? Where did you get the disector for the mavic protocol? Looking under the hood a little, the usb protocol looks very simiarl to the P3 disector on the P4 and the Mavic if not identical? The P3 one previously mentioned doesn't include lots of the things referenced in your capture. I'm looking to deep dive on this over the next few days and likely can offer some support if you guys can catch me up.
  2. on MAC the short cut is: option + command + i or ⌥⌘i ⌥⌘r to reload after changing the settings Factory mode and debug is under Resources>local storage
  3. Ok, I got into Assitant Factory mode with a way easier method (at least on mac). Just open up developer settings and change factory_mode = true. Might have to enable debugging also. But that's the ticket. Should work on every version I'd think. That beings said, I answered my own question. I now see why the webproxy method doesn't work in it's entirety. You have to have write access to the min/maxes in order for those commands to take anything higher than the max etc. So rooting is the next step I suppose? Haven't seen nearly as much clear cut information on how to do this on the patched ftp. Is this where @MavproxyUser's decryptor comes into play? Does that python allow writing as well? Or does it simply read to produce the files similar to what's on @droner69 ?
  4. Mostly following the general gist here but... Why does @droner69 care to patch the CS script when its essentially replicating the websocket trick? Am I missing something? Does the websocket trick require root and @droner69 is trying to find that in? Just trying to get a lay of the land before I start poking. Thanks
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