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  1. Disable Critical auto Return to home we can confirm this works and has been hover tested Enter Dji assistant in debug mode. Goto flight settings >> battery. Switch to Non dji battery change both level of warnings below to warning (led) ✅ DONE more on this it disables critical auto RTH it shuts off the flight bar timer at the top and the bar remains GREEN. The whole flight, the home point marker on the bar vanishes. The battery levels and percentage on the top right corner still show correct battery life. The controller no longer beeps at u annoyingly because the critical RTH IS OFF. doing this mod Turns off ALL power warning messages and alarms and indicators .. so use with caution. This has been hover tested at 1 meter high. from 100% to 8% battery and not once did it engage any RTH or alarm. This hasn't been tested at major altitude so keep an eye on your battery levels. Join our group Facebook s largest Dji Mod/exploit page
  2. I have the full unlock pack and programme from copteresafe is there a way of sniffing the usb traffic as it jailbreaks? so that I can reproduce it and flash it through a different programme. please let me know. inbox me. my messages on here are limited still. contact me through Mavproxyuser . he now has my email address
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