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  1. Pasting the image failed, here's a link to the screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/2iGUb4qna.png
  2. Anyone here who can translate these ? Many thanks! Also promising for the path I'm on: the available commands on /controller/board_test: { "EXIST_COMMANDS": [ "get_status_info", "set_status_info", "start_process", "start_test" ], "SEQ": "12345" } Now trying to figure out how to pass on arguments to start_test & start_process...
  3. Thanks for the spoon-fed clue, I've found the factory window. Unfortunately it's in Chinese (and I forgot to take a screenshot).
  4. I skipped attempting to cross-compile an alternative linker and went for the binary patch, basically changing a branch instruction into a nop. I focused more on dji_sys since it has a reference to secure_debug.sh. It contains a list of test scripts with an index number, here are a few: 1 test_cpld.sh 2 test_mem.sh 3 test_flash.sh ... 19 test_enck.sh 20 secure_debug.sh ... 23 echo sucess (with typo) ... They are referenced by functions called sys_mp_test_xxx but I haven't figured out yet how to trigger those. I was thinking the --factory option to Assistant m
  5. I'm no android expert so maybe there are easier ways to do this... You can run the extracted binaries with qemu-arm like this: To avoid the AT_SECURE error, find the following bytes in /system/bin/linker: 2e 70 20 b1 df f8 74 and replace them with: 2e 70 00 bf df f8 74 Libc will look for "/dev/__properties__". It has to be 262144 bytes large, start with the following bytes: '2c 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50 52 4f 50 ab d0 6e fc', owned by uid 0, gid 0 and chmod 600. A symlink /system to the actual system/ directory is needed to make absolute path resolving work. (I don't kn
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