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  1. I did a flight test about it, Fcc mod on Mavic Pro only increase rc output power, but the hd video link remain unchange test flight video with fcc(us) ce(hk) change on the fly, watch the signal bar, HD remain unchange when switching fcc/ce
  2. no need to input sn, just leave it blank the popup menu after submit said, it only updated country code dji go will use drone gps or device gps to query location form internet and then set fcc/ce, so you must disconnect from data network while.using this fcc mod and I guess it send a shell command like "iw reg set US"; if it is correct, we may use this exploit to execute some shell command to enable telnet.d, then get root ?
  3. password = djitestcc country code set success, try set to US if you are at Euro and tell us the result
  4. translate chinese word from screenshot enter password <- contact Nathan.yan for password data upload uuid=344.... user center uid=7210 HK enter country code enter SN enter testing SN Set
  5. found something about ce/fcc switching, this method is from dji china forum, i try to translate to english here It is depend on dji go app how it work: dji go app will first get location from data network, if no data network, then it will get from sim card carrier/operator; if no data network and no sim card, then set to CE as default so, you can fake it by a android with root 1) clean install, remove all cache from dji go app (not sure is it necessary) 2) disconnect from data network 3) use app to fake country operater code to US http://androidadvices.com/fake-country-operator-carrier-download-paid-android-apps/ 4) start dji go app how to check result ? the only version can check is 4.0.6 go to setting, keep click on "Flight Controller SN", then it will pop up a secret menu and show country code actually there is a password to change code manually, and also device SN ! but he don't share the password because it is too danger to share to public (but I guess we can change SN by web socket command ?) attached secret menu creenshot found on my phone
  6. I'm using new version of dji assistant now (27/5/2017), i think it can support Spark
  7. 自動 = auto 一鍵查詢 = check/query in 1 click (mean check all item) 機型 = model number 固件版本 = firmware version I can't see this factory screen on version 1.0.6
  8. Update: only DJI Assistant2 Beta112 is working for my windows 7 PC, but the firmware page seem having problem, connection timeout while loading firmware list
  9. Follow parameter tested at real flight with firmware version .200 g_config_go_home_gohome_idle_vel, default 10, only for RTH speed, I tested with 15 is ok g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_up, default 4, ascend speed at GPS mode in meter/second g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_down, #default -3, descend speed at gps mode g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_up, #default 5, I set it to 10, ascend like a rocket, be careful about battery overload g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_down, #default -3, set -10 but it only reach -5m/s in real flight this are some g_config_mode_XXX_cfg_vert_acc_up/down, it have higher value as default, I'm not sure what it does, but just make sure set it to not lower than "no _acc" one g_config_fw_cfg_max_speed <-- set to 20 but no different in real flight, default is 10 for "height_limit", I did change all from /controller/config/user and it work. some parameters about "airport" will be test on tomorrow, and following parameters not tested yet "g_config_avoid_obstacle_limit_cfg_safe_dis" <-- obstacle distant ? g_config_landing_smart_landing_height_L1 <-- smart landing at -0.7 meter ? "g_config_voltage2_level1_smart_battert_gohome" "DEFAULT": 15, "g_config_voltage2_level2_smart_battert_land" "DEFAULT": 10, Now, I want to find out which parameters control about real MAX speed (sport mode is 20m/s in real flight) and 10m/s limit when obstacle detection is ON, but seem no parameters relevant to it.
  10. this trick is VERY version specific That's why .....I tried version 1.0.8 with -option b4 and seem no different than normal.
  11. mavproxyuser provide some sample code to change parameters, which working well on my drone (I unlock some limitation, faster rth, ascend, descend speed) but I want to know how to "hack" dji assistant, I guess is about "sdk level"
  12. any more hints for open hidden menu form dji assistant and root the drone ? i'm can use web socket to change the parameters now, but want to learn more about this, thx
  13. https://github.com/droner69/MavicPro more about dji assistant 2 debug/factory menu anyone know how to enable it ? by the way, mavproxyuser have provide python code to send/read parameters to drone, but it only allow to set thing with defined "range" such as limit height, only allow to set 20 to 500 but you can set more than 500meter from dji assistant hidden menu
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