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  1. The BETA FW actually seems to have gotten my MKV back to a somewhat stable, working state... I had issues with WLAN1 not functioning on 2.4.0, and resetting, or re-flashing it to 2.4.0 never corrected the issue. I have a nano now too, but I hope that some sort of support/updates continues for the MKV, because it is different from the nano in a good way.
  2. My nano gets way more than a bit "warm"... it gets straight-up hot. I'm almost afraid to stick it in the tactical soft case, thinking it'll get even hotter, maybe to the point of actually causing issues/damage. I'm still unable to use deauth successfully within recon. It always tells me "Please start PineAP and try again", even though PineAP was already running when I hit deauth. Actually, hitting deauth in recon appears to turn off PineAP (?)... As far as the recon scan stalling/hanging up, it occasionally happens to me, and usually requires a reboot to rectify. So, are any of you still having these same issues too? I'm especially interested in why deauth in recon always fails, appearing to actually shut off PineAP?
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