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  1. Hi everyone | Rookie there. I thought I figured how to verify a checksum, because upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4 I found the same numbers in Terminal on OSX. With $ md5 upgrade-2.4.0.bin ( or ) $ openssl md5 upgrade-2.4.0.bin But impossible to get the proper number : SHA256: 45bd51c665e0587ee137fa3ea87c03493b170f9668079ed0cecd4558c266a5ca All I get is : $ openssl md5 upgrade-3.0.0.bin $ MD5(upgrade-3.0.0.bin)= 6c60d9479be2a9d0c125ed3260a111c7 If someone could lead me in the right direction, would be great. Thx.
  2. Thanks Odeon for the answer. The only step forward I could make is to be able to apply succesfully the the special factory image. But now all I get ( I've waited so long to see if something different happened ) is the same LED pattern when I had the problem. GREEN on / BLUE flashing / Nothing else. I'll try to post in a proper post this issue. Thanks for the fish.
  3. Ok | Forget the tap on the shoulder I was giving myself | Now the Pineapple Mark V's blue LED flashes and the red one doesn't light up anymore | Can't access the device anymore |
  4. Hi everyone. From Paris, France | I'm a rookie. I just got out the Mark V yesterday, and have been able to ( spent the day on that ) to manually upgrade the firmware from an iMac ( 2.2 > 2.4 ) Just because I have a raspberry Pi 3 laying around, I connected successfully through the web browser to the Pineapple's wifi. So i'm wondering what it means / where could I find it / What would it'd do ? to "run the wp5.sh script on the Pi" ? Thanks for any help.
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