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  1. If you're doing it on Linux Debian, you should set the payload to RNDIS_ETHERNET From my experience it doesn't work if I use ECM
  2. Sometimes I have issues with Q LEFT/QUACK LEFTARROW when running scripts. Even by increasing the DELAYs I'll sometimes find the script hitting ENTER on 'no'. It's not the worst problem in the world, as I just press the left arrow myself, but it's more ideal for the script to do the whole job. Anyone else have this issue and know a solution?
  3. The best VPN is always the one that has good encryption and where the owner of the service isn't based in your country under those laws. The price is secondary. I use a VPN service by Astrill. They are based in Sweden, which have different laws to the US. So, that gives the extra piece of mind about the government strong-arming them for your info. That's the kinda things to think about before you get attracted to cheap monthly/yearly prices.
  4. This is one of the best payloads. Even if you can't snag the plain text (windows 10) you still get the password hashes. If you can't get it working. just add a few more DELAYs. As, I'm in China, I have to add Q SHIFT once it opens the terminal. This is because many systems use a pinyin input method that switches back and forth from English to Chinese by pressing SHIFT. If I don't, the terminal will fill up with Chinese characters. Great payload dude!
  5. Hi guys, sorry for a late reply. I couldn't reply for some reason. Yes, from the post labeled 'tools' I did download gohttp. Along with this, I downloaded responder_2.3.3.6-2 which is not from that same 'tools' post, but from the main QuickCreds thread. The reason I did downloaded responder_2.3.3.6-2 instead of the one Seb's posted one is because it solves the problem of QuickCreds being stuck in a responder loop (Amber light continuous flashing). I miss spoke when I said the tools folder in root. I should have said: after logging in as root via SSH, then cd.. , then cd tools, responser & gohttp are not there. Not I figure that the responder I tried to install just doesn't work, & as you mentioned, gohttp won't display in /tools anyway. I tried to install impacket, and it worked fine, so there is no installation issue after all - I guess. However, I could install responder_2.3.3.6-2 before I upgraded to the latest firmware, and it did solve the QuickCreds issue that a few of us are having, so ideally I wish that this version of responder would install. I guess I now need to find another solution to get QuickCreds working - but that's for another thread. Yes. Thanks for helping. Thanks everyone. Overall: There is actually no installation bug, as gohttp won't show in /tools anyway & responder_2.3.3.6-2 doesn't install (it seems).
  6. I recently upgraded the bash bunny to version 1.3_264 After following the install tools method, the tools don't appear in /tools. I first downloaded the tools, put them in the tools folder of the bash bunny while it was in arming mode. Plug it back in again on arming mode, the magenta LED display as it is meant to. After this process finished, there were no tools to speak of in the /tools folder in root via SSH. Therefore, QuickCreds won't work. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Solved it! Just needed to increase the DELAY time after it sends the email. Appreciate your time trying to help.
  8. The script opens straight into powershell. Here's the full code: https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/pull/225/files
  9. I think I'm having the same issue as the comment above, but I'm unsure how to fix it. Successfully continuing past the IEX string fails. The image below displays the problem. Would be graterful for any help in finding a solution. Thanks, guys.
  10. I'm having trouble writing a powershell script that will 'exit' the terminal after running the code. This problem occurs when using a Quack script on the Bash Bunny. Here's the end part of the Ducky script into that I wrote: I pretty sure that's correct, and it should exit after deleting a file called ip.txt However, no such luck. What I have tried to solve the problem: STRING EXIT STRING Exit STRING exit; STRING del ip.txt; exit; But, no of these make a difference. I even checked a Ducky script written by DarrenHak5 who has the same way of exiting the powershell terminal. So, I can't understand why it's not working for me. If I manually type exit it will do so, if the HID type it, it will not exit. Guys, do you have any suggestions? Thanks
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