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  1. I have been having problems with clients recently i wonder if it is a simular problem. Not after community support or some one to push solutions my way just a +1 for having problems with clients
  2. +1 here for this issue. It doesnt phase me but could be a issue for those who like to log there audits. Same as above only a problem in the web interface. Thanks for your time
  3. Any chance of getting the 180 otg adaptor from the tactical set added to the hack shop as a seperate item. They are not easy to find online and even if you buy the tactial edition which is pushed on you to use the nano for its optimal intended purpose. You will still eventually were the plug down from every day use. Every one who makes use of these even know normal otg cables get there wear and tear so it is a common practice to buy in bulk. Thanks for your time.
  4. Did you ever find out why you were not able to add clients from your scans to filters
  5. Nmap isn't anything new for me and is one of the most important tools I use I was just hoping a device detection would have been added to the recon/pine ap suite tab to help streamline use of the pine apple. I will likely code the feature myself as there are a few other features I would like the nano to have that I have knowticed there aren't any moduals for. I used to run the ethernet from my older mk 5 into a Wireshark tap to the router and it was amazing...maybe something to work on with my tetra after I get my nano to were I am happy. :)
  6. its been a while since i last used my wifi pine apple nano, ( my firware is sitting on version 1 something i think, i ofcourse do plan to flash mine to the latest build as soon as i re cheke the contents of my pine apples sd card.) just a quick question can the updated firmware for the pine apple do a os or device scan of connected devices. i have seen this feature on simular man in the middle wifi kits i have on my nethunter phone such as csploit and wifi kill. so i assumed over time the pineapple would be able to do this as well. i do plan to search the forums and the internet and see what has changed with the pine apple and its new features but if some one would be kind to direct me to a few use full links that they think would be interesting for some one picking up there pine apple after not playing with it for close to two years that would be awesome. thank you for your time community.
  7. So did the war driving gear cause this, if so fuck dude are you going to be ok. No war driving video or site I have ever whatched mentioned that these these devices could mess with you like this. I'm glad I came across this post, so sorry to here what happened to you but as you said learn from others. So wow now I know
  8. Thank you very much everyone for your help.
  9. Edit I now know what type of cable to use but not the barrel dimensions for the cable. I know it is a USB to DC port cable however I don't know the barrel dimensions on the DC port size. Checking the normal DC charger that comes with the pineapple shed no light on this subject.
  10. I apologize for the noob question and also if this question is else were. Does anyone know the name of the type of cable that can run from the pineapple to the pine apple juice. I have tried google searching and even referencing USB cable types, from a reverse google image search of the wifi pine apple being used with a power bank to pine apple unit to even a basic google search of different USB cable types. How I plan on running my wifi pine apple is from a third party Power bank to the pine apples DC power port. I realise over time I will have to find a feasible power unit but untill then I am stuck finding a correct cable. Any help in regards to this pitfall would help me alot. Thank you very much community for your time.
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