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  1. Hey, thanks so much for the work on this payload. I'm having issues using metasploit, it tells me my database.yml file is not found. Is there any way I can fix this?
  2. I've got this 90% up and running, but can't get metasploit to connect to the postgresql database. Can you please explain how to do this step in further detail? Thanks!
  3. Hey! Could someone please explain the key differences between the LAN Turtle and Packet Squirrel? And if possible, the differences between a PlugBot (Here) I'm just a little confused, thanks!
  4. Thanks man, I'll look into it right now. I remember being able to install mana on my pineapple fine without a usb hub, why do I need one? I'm not a big fan of using the terminal, I much more prefer the modules and web interface. Is there any web interface tools still worth using other than the mana module?
  5. Thanks, is there any way to get SSLStrip2 to work as a module? So I don't have to SSH in everytime. And what exactly MANA attack module? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, I got it working, I guess. I'm very new to pineappling, could you give me a hand with a few questions? I posted a thread about 7 hours ago and I was wondering if you could answer some of the questions Thanks man!
  7. Hey, I've installed the module, but now I'm stuck installing dependencies, any help?
  8. Hey! Recently I got a new nano (old one was stolen), and Ive been playing about with it. I was able to get 29 clients with pineap which I was very happy with. I've had an issue with SSLSplit, in which when I enable it, no clients get access to the internet. When they go to a web page it just says no connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) And on a side note, I can't get random roll to work. Everything is turned on but nothing happens when they go to a webpage. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks so much! The pineapple and client are both get internet so yay! I can even browse the web when connected to the management AP which I don't understand why, seeing I've only set up the wifi with client mode. Any chance you know why? Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much for the help. So could you give me a quick tutorial on how to use the tertiary radio? Sorry for all the questions, just can't find anything in the forums xD
  11. Don't worry, I figured out that I needed to configure the "Wifi client mode" and connect that to my router for the Public AP to have an internet connection. I have a few other questions though :) 1. What is the tertiary radio used for? 2. What is the usb slot at the back of the nano used for? 3. What is PineAP and how do I enable it? 4. In the networking tab, my default root is set it br-lan, what exactly are these options? Sorry for all the questions, but you seem like the guy to ask :)
  12. Hey guys This morning I received my Wifi Pineapple Nano Tactical Elite and set it up using this tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv1eiIwOPKo Everything works fine, except for one thing. I set up an open access point called "Wifi123", then connected to it on my phone. The dashboard displays 1 client connected, but my phone doesn't get any connection. I tried to connect to the access point on 2 other devices and none of them got any connection. Any help with giving the access point internet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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