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  1. if needed i can make all the check of the PR about OSX payload /extension
  2. Did you check if in the bash bunny (with a serial console) there is an arming payload, it maybe override the one your create on the flash storage of your BB
  3. Be patient, and don't worries they will answer
  4. Ok, i will keep this in mind and try to know which payload was running for other bricked bb by user
  5. It's cool to read that it work fine now, let us now if you have new issue.
  6. It's very strange the multiple bb crashing since 2 month, maybe a specific payload make it crash... @Ar1k88 which payload was load on your BB when it crash ?
  7. Well, it's the kind of question that need to be answer by a BB specialist ( @Sebkinne , @Dave-ee Jones any idea?). But i think it's not a suitable usage of the BB. I am not sure of what you are expecting you have a DHCP server running on the BB, any extra information on this subject ?
  8. @Sebkinne I continue my work and make a test making a packaged node js app installed on the user computer. Because i like terminal based ui i make this : 1) the doc, the changelog, the status of the software (up to date or not) , the author and contrinbutor. (look at the attached file) 2) allow you to paire your bb with the software (manage payload and extension profiles and maybe more) 3) manage payload, browse repository, display payload description ,install , uninstal, check update and maybe more. 4) the same for the extension 5) Help, maybe faq Any other idea ? bash Bunny Manager.tiff
  9. I'm not sure you will succeed doing the same thing easily with a RPI 0 without resulting to a big ugly not cased pcb with lot of cable. With all the respect i must use when answering to a bb user : BB is not a toy, it's a pentest tool which require some technical awareness. If you don't have skill i'm quite sure it will be useless for you. And even if you want to try to play with it, please always RTFM, avoid having dumb and inappropriate use of your bb (playing with switch when plugged in is a inappropriate use on my mind)
  10. Yes, but i fear that it will be less clear when a user will talk to us with klingon xD
  11. @Dave-ee Jones If we accept that all newbie come on board and speak his native language i let you add a google translate button in the toolbar xD
  12. Hi guy, On this board we speak only english. Please try to translate your poste and we will try to help you. See you soon here.
  13. I am actually work on OSX specific keyboard layout. At the moment to resolve keyboard issue on OSX sxitch to pc layout in keyboard setting
  14. Yes that was the question ^^ All the conclusion i have drawn from my test and wrote on my post are right.
  15. Can you post your code ? (in a code block)
  16. I don't look at the video for the moment, but why do you want bluetooth on the BB ?
  17. Hi, I'm still working with my BB, i am actually work on disabling the wifi on OSX with this command networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" According to my test, if i good understand, in payload you can use directly all command supported by unix (the operating system of the BB). For all other OS specific command we must open a terminal, and : Q STRING "networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" Q ENTER Is there any way to run os specific command in the payload without opening a terminal ?
  18. On windows you can't, but on unix and osx you can open a invited user i think with some tab and enter input and open a text editor
  19. Ok, take your time i will work on my side on project to learn more and more on BB. Feel free to send me a PM
  20. maybe i can help you on this point, i'm a full stack web dev. You already know what you want ? Which techno etc ?
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