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  1. didn't change anything for me unfortunately. I guess I'm going to need to contact support.
  2. Ok I'll try to find a windows machine or VM and try it. wierd that it doesn't work with a mac or kali
  3. Hi all, I've just received my bash bunny and after messing around with it I decided to upgrade the firmware since it came as 1.0_167 I downloaded 1.3 and pasted the tar file directly into the root folder of the storage. Safely removed it and plugged it back in Arming mode. the LED turns Red at first but then turns off and stays off. I tried it multiple times by reseting the bash bunny plugging it in and out 3 times. I tried it on different laptops and directly plugging it into a wall socket but always the same result... Everytime I reset it though I find that the tar file is no longer in the root folder where as other files remain, like the ones in payloads and library. Anyone have an idea why this is happening. And also everything else seems to working fine.
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