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  1. as title says, where can i find the file telling me the actual owl's firmware version im using? thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, kinda new in this i will go directly to the question. i have installed plunder bug succesfully, i putted it from my personal pc and bridged it to my private lan. I'm in unmuted mode and wireshark is on, so after 5 minutes of surfing in the web i stopped and saved the cap file. Later i used pcapfex.py to extract the data and i noticed it captured jpg of the site i viseted. So my question is , does the plunder capture only the traffic going from my personal computer? or can i intercept other people too? If so how to bridge it to do this? thanks
  3. Hi there, i'm looking for the payload showed here in the video at 15:00 , the one adding automatically the ssid "i've been owned" etc... i was not very lucky in finding it
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