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  1. @sud0nick, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your response. I know that it often goes unnoticed that you do this free of charge, so I appreciate the time you have taken to simply respond. When I get home this evening, I will take a look at your suggestions. I can say this, I followed your YouTube tutorial step by step multiple times in attempt to get this working. By the way, great tutorials! I too thought it was with the certs, but was not able to identify any issues. keep up the great work!
  2. Great work on these modules. Question for you. When I successfully deployed a payload and acquire my target, when I attempt to start Kuro, it will start but almost immediatley cleanup sockets and stop. Any ideas what i am doing wrong? Everything else works great.
  3. Not to mention that the support really leaves a lot to be desired, as the only contact I can find is through these forums. As to which i notice is very hit and miss with replies and support.
  4. Hi everyone, When I attempt to go to my Manage Modules section I simply get the thinking Pineapple logo. The device does have internet access and I have performed 2 FULL factory resets on the device. I am also running an SD Card as well. Really need some help. I have not been that happy with this device since the day I received it. Flakey and intermittent in many areas. Especially Recon.
  5. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on this. Driving me crazy!!!!
  6. i just did it for the third time. This time holding down the reset for 15 seconds
  7. I need help with my Nano, I performed a hard reset and it is now un-pingable.
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