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  1. Thanks again Dave, I was able to connect via SSH as well as by screen by this: On the other hand for second problem I messed up with the configuration of iptables. The default gateway was supposed to be but by mistake i save the script with which wasn't allowing me to make my BB online and at the same time my connection get halted on my host os too.Thanks a lot for your time and help.
  2. Thank you Dave, It worked. I should have read BB wiki or have referred any script carefully for the solution. Anyway thanks for the help. Now the problem is i am not able to connect to the BB through console in linux when i am booting the bash bunny with a payload.txt whereas it works fine in arming mode. It throws error like : NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY . One last thing when BB get detected than i am not able to browse internet on my host os (KALI) . Whats your suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Jermzz, Thanks for the reply. I don't know much about BB so i am not confirm about this ETHERNET ATTACK VECTOR but if you asked me to do this: So i tried this in both the switches(1&2) but it didn't work. Can you please tell me if i am doing wrong in detail? Thanks for your time and patience. Regards ABHI
  4. Hello there, I was trying to make my BB online after upgrading it to latest firmware 1.3_264. I was doing this on debian based linux(KALI). I followed the instructions on wiki to download and run the script. After i am choosing guided or manual option it failed to detect my BB. Although i can access my BB through console and directory. I don't know what is the problem may be any issue regarding firmware. How to fix this? Thank You Regards ABHI
  5. Thanks Vert. Now i think i got the clear image regarding warranty as well as DO's N DON'ts for using bash bunny
  6. Thanks guys for all the info . I will try os on other device.Thanks again.
  7. Hello there, Today I got my bash bunny shipped to my place. I have a doubt regarding installing os like BLACK ARCH or TAIL . Is it possible to install it and how?Also it showing 1.9gb space on it but i have read previous post on this forum regarding its specs. So is it there any way to increase the user space. Thanks With Regards Abhi
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