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  1. Anyone tested BrowserCreds since the Firmware 1.4 upgrade? When I plug in the BB, I see an initial greenlight and then it goes dark. Nothing ever happens. Strange? J
  2. A positive update here! I went back and set ATTACKMODE back to RNDIS_ETHERNET. However, I had to edit part of the payload below from "cd /tools/Responder" to this "cd /tools/responder". Used a lowercase "responder" instead of uppercase "Responder". This apparently fixed the issue with QuickCreds. Still on firmware 1.3. # Set LED yellow, run attack LED ATTACK cd /tools/responder
  3. I am a newbie here... I updated my BB to 1.3 fine. Copied both responder.deb and impacket.deb to the /tools directory. Safely eject and replugged in. In Arming mode using Putty, I can see both impacket and responder under /tools. Copied QuickCreds payload with ATTACKMODE set to HID. I also tried ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET. Both modes result in blinking red light. Also tried MrRobot payload, result was a blinking white. I see the MrRobot directory created under /loot. Nothing else inside. Anyone else having better luck? Perhaps, go back to firmware v1.2?
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