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  1. This is probably a dumb question but whats the purpose of this? I want to make an evil twin but if set the client ap to be locked wont they not be able to connect to it without the password even if their device try's to connect to it because its an exact clone? Can i sniff the info they input if it asks for a password?
  2. For me i have a nano and after i followed the instructions i checked the managment console and NetworkingPlus is there but all the drop down menus are blanked out and when i click update access point it says "networking plus module does not exist or is incorrectly defined" can someone help? I just replaced the files in the pineapple with ones downloaded off github and made a backup of the originals just in case. Fixed the issue by renaming the folder NetworkingPlus lol
  3. yeah im doing 5 minute scans and still the same, I even now rigged up the pineapple to a laptop connected via an ethernet cable and the scan is showing no different. really starting to frustrate me.
  4. I turned off 5g on the router and still nothing when I do a scan. Like I said its showing it under unassociated clients.. when really it's connected to my ap so I cant deauth them or nothing.
  5. Hello everyone im fairly new to the pineapple and have a question. I have my nano connected using wifi client mode and an external atheros usb wifi adapter hooked up as well as I dont have my connection hooked up via ethernet. I can get internet to the pineapple no problem. When I choose to scan for Ap's it dosn't pick up any connected clients under my ap for some reason even though i have my laptop, and phone connected. Is there some setting i need to check? Edit: actually now im finding its showing these devices as "unassociated clients" why is this?
  6. Yes this worked for me as well. Just was confused with what "the root" referred too. Thanks for the help.
  7. so if extracting credentials is difficult to do on Microsoft account win 10 machines then what are other way's to exploit these machines using the bash bunny if you dont mind me asking. Particularly for acquiring credentials..
  8. what do you mean by local accounts?
  9. I have verified it and it matches now re-flashed the bunny to factory before i ran the updates and upgrades. I am now going to attempt to copy it back to / and retry the firmware as the installation says.
  10. Like I have said I followed the installation guide and it is not working for me. If you read what I wrote after I said I did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, which by the way did update something, when I copy the file to / and replug the device It boots regularly into the storage mode and does not upgrade firmwares.
  11. Yes Dave-ee Jones I have followed the instructions on the download page to a tee, but the bunny does not update when I replug the device in arming mode. It simply boots up as it usually does into the flashing blue led.
  12. 1.0_167 is what its currently at
  13. Im having some issues updating the bash bunny to the most recent firmware. I am currently on the base firmware from when I have purchased the device and have run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade after getting internet with my linux machine. I then download the firmware .tar file from the downloads area and copy the file to the / directory of the bash bunny. I then safely eject the device in arming mode and plug it back in expecting to see a red blinking light. Unfortunately it does nothing and boots to the regular storage mode and nothing has changed. I have searched the forums for help but I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. Can someone help me out with this issue?
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