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  1. hey all, I would like to propose that a further option in the nano and tetra would be awsm: a textfield to name the known macadresses. reason: it would help to identify and be much more precisious in doing pentests. or did I just miss a setting or a posting about this idea? sunny regards
  2. Hey, I would check for details how the hard reset should be done best and do it slowly step by step - sounds stupid but sometimes it helps. If this doesn´t work maybe you have to check for firmware-reset?
  3. good idea :) thx! I tried to handle the nano via mobile only till now - there I noticed that I can´t remove SSIDs, install modules completely or remove them etc.. result "trying it via mobile (S7)" I formated the sd and tried a brand new sd card as well (incl. formating with as you described). The SD is shown as found with free space. After trying to install modules - the systems tells me modules are not installed completely but free space is getting less. Now I try it via PC. hope this works better. Lol - maybe you are lucky or I am good in finding issues ;)
  4. ok, how to do? Is this the "normal" way to install more than one module / dependencie?
  5. ... dependencies can´t be installed. got a additional 8GB SD-card (free and formated). anybody an idea? cheers
  6. hey all, I received my nano this week *yay* but now i noticed, that i can´t install modules completely.
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