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  1. A BIG thanks for all your great help! I've succeded in getting the Bunny back to life, and even better than before. Here's what I did 1: Used the "dd...." command to zero out the udisk 2: Formatted as FAT32 from Windows, with "BASHBUNNY (Autocorrected to capital) as the lavel 3: Checked that I could mount the udisk from serial = success 4: Flashed to 1.3 using the normal method 5: Used the "reformat udisk" command, which formatted, put all the original stuff back on, and set a correct volume label of "BashBunny" After this, my original issue has also been solved. The Bunny now quacks on 1.3! And it Quacks in my national language as well! Huge success! Thanks again guy. May I suggest a wiki article or something for this unfortunate situation I had myself in? I see all the info is spread out there in different threads and such, but might be beneficial to have it in one place. Again, thank you! - Thomas
  2. Thanks for the reply. Any particular location to execute that command from? I get command not found. Tried searching the forum for the command, and found another topic stating that this should work on 1.2+ firmaware, and mentiones another command for 1.1 (reformat_udisk). Unfortunately I'm stuck at 1.0 and neither seems to work. The plug in / unplug 3 times has not restored my udisk partition, and I can't upgrade the Bunny using the describeb method (flashed red/blue 3 times, then reboots to arming mode) Thanks
  3. Hi A brief history at first. I've had several problems with making my Bunny Quack after upgrading from 1.0 to 1.3 last week. After the upgrade, nothing was written on screen. Payloads executed as I could see LED's changing color, but nothing was written. Have tried both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17. Well, i then decided to reset my Bunny using the 3 pull-out method. After getting back to 1.0_167 I couldn't mount the Bunny in arming mode on Linux, as it complained about a .git file / folder (from the GitBunnyGit payload). On Windows I could mount the Bunny, and was able to Quack again. When SSH'ing into the Bunny it showed the ".git" file / folder thingy, but I was unable to remove it, as I received: "cannot remove .git input/output error" (not exactly, but that wording. I then did the restore again, but this has only made matters worse... On Windows and Linux I get the Bunny mounted, but not under the "BashBunny" name, but a generic drive letter, and the drive is empty! No files, nothing! Tried to place a 1.1 upgrade file on there and reboot in arming mode, but the bunny flashes red/blue a few times, then reboots in arming mode. I also tried creating the folder structure as well as an version.txt containing 1.0_167. Still the same. I then used the serial console to access the bunny, from which I can no longer mount the nandf system: root@bunny:~# mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk/ mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/nandf, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so. So.... How do I get back to square one? Completely restore this thing? Or somehow recreate the udisk filesystem.... As of now the BB is an expensive 2GB usb drive, and not much more :S Thanks
  4. Got the same issue. Upgraded from 1.0 to 1.3 and now I can't get the Bunny to quack. - Thomas
  5. Thanks for the replies. Here's where I'm at. 1: Resat the Bash Bunny using the 3 pull-out method and got back to 1.0. At this point Ducky was working using the old methods of choosing language. 2: Updated to 1.3 by downloading the file, checking hash, and copying it to the root, safely eject and reinsert in arm mode. cat version.txt shows 1.3_264 At this point NO ducky language is working. Nothing is written on screen. Here's my very simple payload: ATTACKMODE HID Q STRING notepad.exe c:\ Q ENTER Nothing is written in a open gedit file on Ubuntu, nor notepad on Windows 10. Is there a way to COMPLETELY clear the Bunny and start all over, or what is going on here? Am I missing something after the upgrade? After having mounted the nandf and checked in root/udisk/languages all the language.json files are there. I have tried setting both us, da and se in the config.txt. Still nothing. When SSH'ing in and not having run the mount command, there is no language folder (or any other folders) in /root/udisk/ <- but it's supposed to be that way, right? I'm kinda lost here guys... Thanks in advance.
  6. Have you guys found a solution to this? I'm running 1.3 firmware, and unable to get the Bunny to use Danish layout. I've used the DUCKY_LANG xx in my script, and also set it in the config file. I have tried upper and lowercase, but still the same. No Danish special characters and hence, not able to use the scripts. I have all the json files in the language folder. Do I need to do anything else to get this to work? Thanks
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