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  1. Hello, I have a couple of question I think my device is defective or is me lol. I go this pineapple nano for a school project and I need to explain how you can snift connection from a network from the other team. Every time I add a module and reboot the system they erase or I cant install the dependencies they say installing and then they don't install. The network the keep disconnecting so cant keep a stable connection. I try firmware restart but that did not fix anything. I try laters update but that neither. I erase the SD card and start from scratch. I try different power supply from the external battery to connected from computer. Any advice on how to make this work?
  2. This is a quick topology of my home network (https://creately.com/diagram/j2q8ae1r1/dYma4gKFo4SR6ROATcoPqGcXE7M%3D) basically is dsl modem=>Asus router=>ethernet switch=>OpenVPN server that is running on raspberry pi My goal is to be able to tunnel all my phone and laptop data over the VPN running my on Pi. I was able to get the .ovpn file to my iphone and open it with the OpenVPN app on iphone and i was able to connect to the vpn when my phone is connected to the house wifi but when i try to use my phone data it does not work. -I try port forward 1193 UDP on my asus router which is the VPN port on the server.conf file but that make no different . -I setup my model to forward everything to my asus router which is the one that assign IP address and everything else. thanks for the advice.
  3. I install openvpn to my rasberry pi from scratch and the VPN is working inside my house i can connect to it from my phone but i can not access it from outside my house. What is that i have to do to be able to access the VPN from outside my house is there a file to edit or a setting in my router I have to change I am kinda loss any tips of what i should do to that be amazing.
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