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  1. The XP SP2 VM is a "new install" from a disk that I have kept from work for the last 8 years. No configuration except a clean install. I guess I should be clear about nmap too...it is basically the one that comes with Armitage in the "Hosts" menu...so I am running it from there if that makes any difference. As far as privileges, I am running everything from the same Kali Linux box (on the same network as all the other VMs I run. I guess its not a "huge" deal but I found it annoyingly interesting that the nmap scan within Armitage doesn't pick up and provide an 'icon' in the visual area of Armitage like it does for the metasploitable and CentOS VMs I'm going to fire up my Win2K3 VM and rerun as well to see if it picks that up.
  2. Interestingly, when i ran the nmap scan again I went back and reviewed the output and found this: Nmap: All 65535 scanned ports on 192.168.xxx.xxx are filtered...so I guess its "seeing" it but for some reason the host is showing as all ports are filtered? I don't understand why it would see an 32bit XP SP2 machine as having all ports filtered.
  3. I am running both scans as root on the same Kali VM
  4. So I'm doing everything within Kali. I ran the nmap scan (intense all TCP ports) within Armitage and then separately ran the same scan within zenmap nmap -p 1-65535 -T4 -A -v <IP ADDRESS/24>
  5. Digging my way through metasploit using armitage on my pentest lab. I have three VMs (of 15 installed) running 1.metasploitable 2.Windows XP32 SP2 3.CentOS Nmap scan via Armitage is finding metasploitable and CentoS but not the Windows XP machine (which is kinda funny actually). However when I run Zenmap separately, it finds that machine. All VMs are in the same network. Am I missing something for metasploit to see a Windows machine? Interestingly when I review the output from the scan, there is a line that says "All 65535 scanned ports on {IP ADDRESS} are filtered...maybe I should go back to using Windows XP...
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