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  1. Finally I did the cable, just 1 female and 2males I Remove the rubber from the 2 power cables in the middle section an attach a second male usb cable (solder red and black ones), some tape stripes and everything seems to work fine. I prefer to have a new cable rather than this, but in the meantime I am going to use it some weeks as it works just fine. thanks Matias.
  2. Maybe I didn't explain enough that I live ouside US , and there is no amazon here. Or you just didn't read the whole post where I wrote amazon don't sell overseas usb cables like this one (already tried all that says power enhanced) The only way to buy it online and ship it down here(Chile) is to add at least 40 bucks to be delivered before 20 days. So is not the best option at this point. Just wondering is somone knows the internal structure of this Y USB cable to just build one while waiting until a new one arrives.
  3. I just got a second hand Nano from ebay and it didn't came with any cable or instruction, just the nano and antennas. (so lame I know, but it came in a bundle with something else I needed) I haven't even power it yet, but from google pictures I saw the Y cable should be like female USB A to 2x male USB A,. I start looking on local market but haven't found any on my country yet, and Amazon don't ship them outside US either. I will figure out where to buy it, but in the meantime, what do you thing on building it for start using the Nano ? This video shows 1 USB extension split and joined again by colors, and then just add an extra USB male cable adding only the powers color cables. Thoughts?
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