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  1. Greetings! I was recently gifted a relic called the Pineapple Mark IV. I am super new to the scene but relatively old. The gift was meant to be a learning tool and boy howdy has it been a learning tool. An adventure in 1) coding, 2) researching, 3) patience and 4) smashing-face-on-keyboard-with-tears-streaming-down-my-face. With that said, is this unit even viable anymore? I updated the firmware to ver.3.0, which now seems like a mistake. I do not have access to the Pineapple Bar for <numerous reasons>. I found some old infusions on a github but they were for a 2.8 (or 2.4, I can't remember) version. I managed to vmware to kali and install the files as per the readme file (extracted them to a usb set up for the pineapple) but when I putty into the Pineapple I can't "run /usb/install.sh". I know, this has got to be the most trivial thing you will read today but any help is appreciated, including links for moar knowledge! Thanks for all and may the Force be ever in your favor!
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