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  1. Hi have anyone managed to get UFW and wp6.sh to work together?. I can't figure out how to create the UFW rules. I have litle to non experience writing ufw rules
  2. Figured out the problem. Looking trough the firewall logs i noticed that my wifipinapple was stoped at my firewall. I forgot to check my strict rules and saw that my DNS exfiltration killer also killed my wifi pinapple dns requests. So short case solved :)
  3. Hi i have a wierd problem where my wifi pinapple looks like it's connected to the internett but it don't get dns lookup so it don't work. It works on my android device with cable and the pinapple app, this is wierd but dns lookups when bridging trough my new install of ubuntu 16.04 LTS with all updates installed and dnsmasq disabled My wifi pinapple can ping the internet eks: #WIFI pinapple ##Ping root@pie:~# ping PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=55 time=18.029 ms ##NSLOOKUP root@pie:~# nslookup
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