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  1. 8 hours ago, haze1434 said:

    Rubber Ducky can do that fine.

    With any, and all, hardware for pen testing, it entirely depends on the circumstances.

    Rubber Ducky is (slightly) more discreet, cheaper, and maybe easier to set up, but not as powerful.

    Bash Bunny is powerful, but costs more.


    Personally, I'd get both. But if you have to buy one at a time, get the Ducky first, then play with it and learn whilst you save for the Bunny.

    So wait, CAN the bash bunny do everything that a ducky can? (If you disregard the size and the boot speed)

  2. Hey guys! I'm debating over weather to get the USB Rubber Ducky or the Bash Bunny. My objective is to be able to create a permanent back door to windows computers. As another note, can the Bash Bunny function as well as a Rubber Duck (using duckyscript as well) other than the 7 sec startup? Thanks in advance!

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