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  1. Just got my PS. upgraded fw to 1.2 tested ovpn switch 3 tested client mode working. tested client 0 intermitently get 172 ip if I get 192 ip i try a traceroute and dnsleaktest keep getting my actual wanip and not the ovpn ip. I can’t seem to get internal ip working while PS is connected to OVPN in Client=0. anyone else having the same problem?
  2. Hahahahahaha thanks HeavenknowsItried it worked!!! :)
  3. Will try it later and let you know. Thanks for the reply :)
  4. Thanks Mr. Protocol! I am aware that having the password in plain text is not a good idea. I am just checking on the capabilities of BB. Thanks for directing me to the link :) have a good day cheers!!!
  5. Let's say I am too lazy to type my 26 char password to login in the morning or my password is too complex for me to type in correctly the first time. I know someone might tell me to make my password shorter to solve the problem. But this is what we are here for to try and push a bit further. Thanks for your clarifying question Dice :)
  6. Hi guys, Just want to check if you can issue Q CTRL ALT DEL on you BB's. I am having a hard time making it work. Thanks in advance.
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