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  1. ok, thanks for the help and suggestions. My colleague borrowed the Tetra. So, as soon I receive the Tetra back, I will perform the CLI script (of esa) and keep you posted, Cheers, Bart
  2. powering: okay (via wall 220V outlet and transfer, not over USB ... ;-( factory reset: done, but no improvement. But I could further pinpoint the problem ... Only when I select 2,4 GHz recon (or both) they recon process hangs with 100% without results AND It happens only at my HOME-location, I tested myTetra-pineapp @my parents the recon-functions works normal .... So question ... what @ my HOME can spoil the recon-function @2,4Ghz band? Any suggestions? Many Thanks for your input ! Bart
  3. Thanks for quick reply ;-) power: USB via 220V adapter latest firmware: 1.1.2 Bart Note: module site survey give me some results
  4. Hi, I don't receive any results performing the 'recon'-scan? The scan even don't stops, stays on 100% ... without results in the frame below What's wrong? Thx Bart
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