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  1. I have a question... I tried it on a locked Windows 10 machine and I got the hashes.. but what can I do with NTLMV2? From the knowledge I have it is either hash passing attacks or cracking.. but cracking in a real world scenario is almost not an option.. so what do you do with the NTLMV2?
  2. guys I made it work on Windows 10 it gives me the NTLM in FW v1.1. All I did was put responder in the pentest directory instead of the tools directory. I made a /pentest in the root of the bunny. I was having the same problem.. an empty quickcreds directory.
  3. Thanks @LowValueTarget. Surprisingly it appears in /root/tools when I putty into the bunny maybe it's all about that. Thanks.
  4. So i flashed the latest bunny firmware and now when i try to copy responder to the tools folder it disappears once i plug it out and back in... is there a specific way to do it or does my bunny have a problem? P.S. This is my first Hak5 product i love all the tools including this one. Thanks!
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