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  1. Hey. I've got a NANO, which is great, but while I was using it, realised that the landing page does not force redirect when the pineapple is not connected to the internet. Is there any way of forcing it to do this while not being connected? Cheers.
  2. I had a similar problem when first setting up mine, until I realised that the network that Darren used in his starter video was open. I went to a shopping center the other day, and at one point I managed to get around 15 clients connected to me, through 5 different networks. Obviously, the only reason this had worked, was because all of the networks the devices were connecting to were open, but beside that, it worked like a charm...
  3. I know Node is just picking up in popularity, but it surprised me that you did not include it with the rest of the server related languages (even though after all, it is JavaScript)...
  4. I have recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Nano and was wondering if it was possible to not only impersonate open WiFi networks, but also encrypted ones, by accepting whatever password is first entered. I have attempted to do some quick research about WiFi standards, but did not really find anything about that. What is stopping this from being done? Is the PSK saved on the device, rendering the pineapple useless?
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