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  1. That's awesome, thanks so much, can't wait to try it out!
  2. Thanks for the reply. So you are just saying put the main folder of https://github.com/SpiderLabs/Responder in the tools directory on the bash bunny? When I tried that it installs Responder 2.3. However if I run the latest Responder (http://git.kali.org/gitweb/?p=packages/responder.git;a=summary) from a Kali VM the issues I had with Responder were fixed. I'm just not sure how to put the latest/fixed Responder version on the BB.
  3. Currently wondering the same thing for Responder There is a .deb for here: https://github.com/qdba/MyBashBunny/tree/master/tools, however, there are known issues with this version such as not properly dumping ntlmv2 hash. Is there a good way to install Responder on the bash bunny?
  4. I am currently running FW 1.1 and QuickCreds works great, however, when I try to crack the captured ntlmv2 hash with hashcat using a known password it didn't work. I had the same problem as seen here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41487203/hashcat-not-working-on-netntlmv2-hashes-obtained-by-responder I originally used https://github.com/qdba/MyBashBunny/tree/master/tools by user qdba to install responder_2.3.3.5.deb. Based on the stackoverflow post, I used the latest responder on a Kali VM and cracked a captured hash with a known password immediately. It seems my issue is tha
  5. I ran Quick Creds version 1.0 (firmware >= 1.1) against a windows 10 machine and it seemed to run fine on the first attempt.
  6. First, thank you qdba for your work. At first I was plugging in, receiving 4 yellow blinks and after a while received a solid yellow. Nothing was created in the debug file or /tmp/log file. After changing the lang from de to us I now see powershell commands running however it seems to stop working (hangs) at the red cmd Administrator (c:\windows\system32) prompt. Again no debug or log information was written. Host is W10, I've also tried on Win7 VM. BB is 1.1 with impacket and responder. I've tried it many times and still not working, not sure what the issue is.
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