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    you don't need sudo seeing as you are already root, also sudo is an extra package that isn't on the BB nor really needed.
  2. Bash bunny should already have the drivers in the root folder when in arming mode it is a .inf file
  3. plug it into a port not next to the heat vent on the laptop, or use the extender that came with the BB.
  4. The black casing doesn't help make matters better, it just absorbs the heat from outside sources making it even warmer inside.
  5. If it is failing to install automatically then you will need to install it manually through device manager, by chance is there an unknown section with a warning symbol next to any of the devices? If so then go to properties and update driver -> manual and select the bash bunny mass storage, it will auto select and install the inf file as driver info.
  6. Is your bash bunny in arming mode (switch3 aka closest to the usb port)? if so then serial is enabled by default.
  7. When trying to get the bash bunny to have internet sharing with windows (10 in this case), you need to put the bunny in ARMING mode (closest to the usb port), and change the payload.txt to the following: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET select the switch that you have put this payload into. Your computer should recognize the device and start installing drivers, to make sure your computer sees it properly try SSH into it with default root and hak5bunny. It should also be viewable from network connections window.(Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections) Go into the properties of your main network interface (internet interface) and go to the sharing tab, tick the Allow sharing to other devices and select the bash bunny RNDIS interface from the drop down menu (some machines need to have no devices named 'Ethernet' for bunny to show up). By default the bunny gives your computer from its DHCP server, SSH into the bunny and do ping (google dns) If the bunny gets responses to the ping request then it is connected to the internet, else you need to set a static ip for the bunny RNDIS interface in the network connections. [Bunny RNDIS Device]\Properties->ipv4-> static ip: These methods should work for obtaining internet on bash bunny, else something on your system might not like sharing or the wrong interface is being used for sharing.
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