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  1. Thank you for the comprehensive response. I run the update on a PC and on a USB power supply. Same result (loops). Just two questions since I am not sure about your answer: - What do you mean by "DFU mode"? - Which "green light goes off" do you mean? The one after 04:25 or after 04:50 or just after the first one - times see in initial post?
  2. My Update to 1.1 failed. I did wrong and put the unpacked gz file beside the packed one (I should have read this one https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/40681-help-installing-11-update/) . Since the device does not start properly. First it fails three times (LED is first green, turns off and stays off). As described here http://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!././index.md#Firmware_Recovery) the firmware recovery seems to start withteh forth start. Here is what the LED says: 00:00 green 00:04 off 00:07 red blinking 04:05 blue/red 04:25 green 04:29 off 04:32 red blinking 04:47 off 04:50 green 04:54 off - stays off Afterwards its starts from strach. Three time green, off and stays off. Forth time same recovery procedure. Does anybody have the same issue? Any way to break trough this loop? BTW The bunny itself becomes very hot.
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