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  1. Don't know what happened but after I tried it again everything went fine.
  2. Hi. My upgrade isn't working. I did the following steps (I followed the upgrade guide in the wiki): 1. copy the downloaded firmware file to the root of the flash drive 2. Safely eject the Bash Bunny flash drive 3. Put the bunny back into my Mac Book Pro What happened is that I see the the green light for some seconds. Then the bunny moved to red blinking for about 10 to 20 seconds. After that the light gets dark. I waited several minutes but nothing happens except that the bunny gets really hot. I left the bunny in the USB port for for about half an our or more. Still no lights. Then I plugged out the bunny and after I plugged it back in I get it recovered to the v1.0 firmware. I tried this several times. Also with the bunny plugged into a USB charger from my iPhone. But the results are the same. Any Idea what happened and how I can solve this? Thx
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