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  1. When trying to register my nick on the forum I misspelled my email adress, so I am using my secondary nick, I'm better known as Blikkie. Favourite game: Tichu (chinese card game, most computer games suck, maybe OpenTTD will do) Favourite OS: OSX, love Ubuntu too, deal with WinXP/2K3 at work Favourite console: A linux console, preferably gentoo Nationality: Dutch Accent: Dutch (unfortunately) Sex: Male Age: 25 Race: Caucasian Height: 1.81 m (about 6") Status: Very single Build: Lean, could use exercise Favourite band: Not sure, favorite composer: Philip Glass Favourite book: Gap Cycle by Stephen R. Donaldson Favourite author: Can't tell Favourite movie: Heaven, Trois Couleurs: Bleu, Balde Runner Favourite director: Tom Tykwer Favourite TV Show: Heroes Favourite actor: Rutger Hauer Favourite actress: Kate Blanchett (in Heaven) Favourite Pinup: Love watching women, not pin-ups Favourite Comedian: hate comedians Other hobbies: Impro, breaking and fixing stuff, dancing, photography, people. Car: Travel by public transport, need to get a driver's license Occupation: IT professional at an outsourcing company (currently running the first tier helpdesk at a medium sized company)
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