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  1. Let it run for about 20 minutes and saw 7 WiFi clients, 6 DHCP and 338 log files. Most of the logs were empty but a few weren't. The net-creds.log was empty. But it appears to be working full force on the Nano.
  2. Deleted everything in the module folder. Copied over the latest update. Totally seems to be working now! I can see refreshes happening and 3 log files created. It keeps running. Thank you!
  3. If I had to guess... I'd say it's the bleeding edge module has something wrong because launching from the Terminal in my case, does seem to work. After it throws some errors, I start to see Broadcasts and Responses to various SSIDs around me. And in the Mana Module inside the Pineapple Management.. I do see 2 log files being written. It's really caught up on this line: /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 285: /pineapple/modules/ManaToolkit/log/Net-Creds/net-creds.log: No such file or directory I've created the directory and "touched" the file. However, that directory does disappea
  4. Thanks @Zylla Installed the Mana-Toolkit using the script (installed fine) Created a directory as outlined in the DEV branch of the module Created the softlink Copied over the files using Filezilla to the directory on the SD Here's where it gets odd... I can see the module. I can see the dependencies are installed (the click to install went to the SD card without error). But when I click on start... it starts and then stops within a few seconds. If I run it from the terminal instead.. I see this output ___________________________________________
  5. Just installed the 2.9 (3.0) development version. Love it. The targeted portal seems really cool. By default does it capture credentials? I'll have to take a peek at the default.php and see what's happening since I'll be copying that for the default of my target rules. +10 to this module. Really a lot of hard work and effort. You developers of these things amaze me. I'm taking a beginning fundamentals of programming and trying python. Mad props to you people.
  6. I followed the instructions you mentioned in this thread about either touching the file or installing the Mana Module... once I installed the module, this error went away and the toolkit launches. It also works from the Pineapple interface using the module as well.
  7. I've had much better luck using this module lately by: ensuring there's enough space a good quality signal prior to capture (35% signal quality is terrible) I shoot for 60% (green indicator) 200 IVS .. if I get a capture quickly, I just let it run for another 100 IVS. In the past, I've stopped when it says WPA Handshake = YES and found that I missed just a single EPOL message. By allowing it to go a few IVS past the success, I've seen my overall success rate increase Love the PIneapple thus far but it's gotta be in close proximity. A poor signal to begin with just lea
  8. @diabolic It's by far my favorite use of the Nano... discrete and you can grab the WPA Handshake and work it offline. Everything else (URLSnarf, SSL, etc.. ) is somewhat intrusive. But this.. it's just brilliant! What has worked for me is installing it to the SD card so there's never a question of space and to go for a Capture that is higher than 50% Quality. Even then (last attempt) it failed to grab Message 3 of 4 for the EPOL but it was close. Like the theads says.. aircrack-ng is the fastest method and works on the Pineapple. Although I think it's much more flawless when
  9. No luck over here.. about the same error. It finished.. with errors about not finding directories and such. Could very well be the SD card stuff everybody has mentioned in this thread. Although the card is fine anywhere else and I can get into it via ssh and whatever else. Launch-Mana.. started to see some progress! But ultimately failed hostapd-mana is running with pid: 3234 DHCP Server is running with pid: 3248 SSLstrip+ is running with pid: 3315 DNS2Proxy is running with pid: 3317 Exiting! (Error code: 6) SSLsplit was not launched correctly.
  10. @Zylla Okay.. factory reset, format SD card.. rooted into Pineapple.. running this script now
  11. Interested in this as the Mana for the Pineapple seems to be worth exploring!
  12. Definitely my favorite module so far. Hats off to @Whistle Master for the awesome work of populating 75% of the available mods. And frankly to anybody who programs then. Really appreciate it. I've had mixed luck as @b0N3z mentions. Sometimes I can grab a capture pretty quick within range. Other times, the signal will be upwards of 75% or more and I can see the capture has started, IVS flowing but a Deauth (start, stop, start, refresh) and just waiting, doesn't always work. Whereas the Aircrack suite pretty much works flawless to an AP with a client in range. That being said, th
  13. Look for the drop-box arrow next to USB on the Advanced menu for the option for Format USB
  14. Trying this option first... but the hostadp isn't found at that location? root@Pineapple:/tmp# wget https://github.com/adde88/hostapd-mana-openwrt/raw/mas ter/bin/ar71xx/packages/base/hostapd-mana_2016-11-05_ar71xx.ipk --2017-04-24 06:46:29-- https://github.com/adde88/hostapd-mana-openwrt/raw/master/bin/ar71xx/packages/base/hostapd-mana_2016-11-05_ar71xx.ipk Resolving github.com..., Connecting to github.com||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2017-04-24 06:46:29 ERROR 404: Not Found.
  15. Followed the installation instructions on the 1st page. * Nano * 64GB SD card Made it until the end and I saw a couple of errors. However, here's what shows when I launch-mana root@Pineapple:~# launch-mana Mana Toolkit - Pineapple Edition! Device seems to be: ONLINE. RTNETLINK answers: File exists Configuration file: /sd/etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf Using interface wlan1 with hwaddr 00:c0:ca:91:82:c5 and ssid "MANA" wlan1: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED wlan1: AP-ENABLED RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: lin
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